To note: This was an assignment given to me my sophomore year of design school. Now that I am graduated and at the beginning of my career, I am able to look back at this project and think about how I can change this to better represent my growth as a designer, and the Jordan Brand itself. I am so grateful for the insight and feedback given to me from Nike Designers that I have created relationships with, on this project, and other projects as well.
The brief: This project was initially supposed to be a technical timeline with data about a random topic. However, I took it as an opportunity to Illustrate my favorite shoe brand. I wanted to honor Michael Jordans career and legacy so I chose to create a timeline of each Jordan shoe 1-13. 13 was the "Last Shot" he shot as a Chicago Bull. I incorporated his famous poster "WINGS," as the foreground image, with the shoe illustrations above and subtly behind. Next to each shoe, I graphed a comparison of the original release date with the most recent retro; as well the price-point, and what gender is/was offered. The Jordan brand finally started making women's shoes as of 2018, so it felt important for me to document that.

Full Poster

Close Up #1

Close Up #2

Close Up #3

Illustration Close Up

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