For this project, my goal was to create an evolution of Hanna Andersson. This means, I am honoring the current brand by keeping the original concept, story and mission rather than creating a revolution and remaking the foundation of what Hanna Andersson truly is. 
This deck of branding includes a primary logo, supporting logo’s, childrens coloring pages (to match the Swedish folk-art aesthetic), a catalog, a hang tag, and a lock-up poster with brand rules & assets. 
It’s their wardrobe, let them have fun choosing it!

The primary logo I created spells “Ha.” This “ha” is a pun that monograms the company name, while also insinuating laughter. On the bottom right side of the logo, you see a flower illustration that is a subtle nod in reflection of Hanna’s illustration style. Below, “hanna andersson” is spelled out completely just how the current logo is. It tells us what “ha” stands for, and has the same long, straight aesthetic that the current logo has.

Brand Poster Lock-up

Brand Poster, Back of Magazine, Hang-tag, In-store Business Card

Magazine Spread with Interactive Coloring page

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