The primary logo I created spells “Ha.” This “ha” is a pun that monograms the company name, while also insinuating laughter. On the bottom right side of the logo, you see a flower illustration that is a subtle nod in reflection of Hanna’s illustration style. Below, “hanna andersson” is spelled out completely just how the current logo is. It tells us what “ha” stands for, and has the same long, straight aesthetic that the current logo has.

Poster Lock-up

Catalog, Hangtag, Lock-up Poster, Business Cards

I chose to incorporate the coloring pages within the catalog, so the kids are choosing to interact with the brands advertisement. 

Page Spread

My concept for the hangtags was to make it easy for the kids to choose their clothes. I created a specific illustration to represent different age groups for the children. This way, if the kids can’t read, but want to be able to choose their right size and category, all they have to do is look for the animal that represents them. For example, a Toddler is a blue horse. They pick it up, give to their parents, and they purchase.

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