Pattern making - 2022

Pattern making - 2021

Color & Fabric Blocks on wood & canvas - 2021

Fabric swatches turned into fine art^ - 2021

Check Your Swoosh - "Best Day Ever" 2019

Submission for Nike's annual art show to support the Make-A-Wish foundation.



"Bryce" 2016

"Hospital Hallways" 2015

I painted this directly after the tragic passing of my Father.

"Depression" 2015

These are eight self-portraits out of a set of 25.


3D Figure Drawing - 2016; mediums: glass, styrofoam, & color Pencil - 2014

"Grief Comes in Waves" 2012

 This is a mural in Memoriam for Cassidy Ringwald. Concepted, designed and painted by Cailyn Higgins, Lindsey Loe and Austen Matos. Special Help by Maryliz Herron and the Terra Nova Community. Dedicated to Scott and Mary Ringwald.

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