Intro: Be Honest is the annual portfolio show for the Portland State University Graphic Design Program. Students between Sophomore level and Senior level are allowed to participate. Below is the branding for Winter's 2021 show that I was a part of creating. 
The Brief: Our concept for this years branding was the idea that we are all cut from a different cloth. Every designer, student and person is unique based off of their own culture and identity. We wanted to recognize that during these trying times, we can all be represented equally. We thought of a quilt; and how each piece is different—but when put together, we have a beautiful, whole, warm, blanket. While the show is online rather than in person, it was essential for us that the students (and professionals) felt {warm}, welcome, and together.
In Collaboration with:
Be-Honest Student Team

Logo and Illustrative Identity

Save the Date Banner

Save the Date Mailer

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