My primary role at Amazon Photos was creating visual assets for ads and other visuals on the Amazon App, Amazon Photos App, and It's essential that I made sure every image was to spec, and that I worked and communicated with my team to make sure our images were exciting and inviting for our customers. There are more projects which I was a part of that have and will be live on the website.
In Collaboration with:
Art Director: Laura Dynan
Sami Everhart: Designer
Christina Barton: Designer
Leo Dekelbaum: Copywriter

Ads on for Valentines Day 2022. I created these mockup images and placements.

Ads on the Amazon app for Valentines Day 2022

By using Photoshop and Illustrator, I made the phone/computer/Tablet screens shown above for these ad's on I made 300+ versions for different languages, regions, and screens to promote the new launch of the Amazon Photos App.

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