Austen Matos is a Graphic Designer, Fine Artist, and a Mother to Many; who has a drive for creating something meaningful and creating positive change in people's lives—using art.
Her creativity flourishes through emotion and connection which she links as a foundation to all of her projects. She believes that the most successful work is made with passion. 
She is color obsessed and challenges herself to create a new and fresh approach to whatever comes her way. 
Although most of her color choices are bright and playful; she also loves challenging herself with a serious or uncomfortable topic, and turning it into something fresh, powerful, and beautiful using different mediums and colors.
Austen specializes in branding, color design, pattern, as well as page layout.
Over the past ten years, Austen has dedicated herself to Graphic Design, Fine Arts, receiving her Associates and Bachelor's degrees, while also caregiving to many children, including Foster Children, and working in emergency situations. 
Austen is currently working on Freelance projects, along with opening her home to children in need. She is open to a full-time position in the near future and is available for Freelance work.

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